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Branded custom gear and apparel are a smart investment to boost your brand influence. We’ll help you with your order, every step of the way.
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No matter how complex your order is, we are here with expert guidance for all your questions.
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We understand ordering branded merchandise can get complex, and we never charge you for a consultation.
We purchased custom embroidered Peter Millar company polos from Corporate Gear. The fit, comfort, and value for the level of quality and customer service are fantastic. We're very happy we chose Corporate Gear for our custom corporate clothing.
- Lenovo

Consultation: What To Expect

We’ll start with the kind of products and customization you want, and then direct you to the best brands and inventory for your brand goals. But we don’t stop there. Your consultation with us is your time to have your unique questions addressed, and to help you create an order that checks all of the boxes. Your consultation can include help with any customization questions you may have.
Length: 15 Minutes
Book a consultation for expert guidance on any step of your order or branding process. At Corporate Gear, we pride ourselves on being a unique in-house customization solution for every sized business. On your consultation call, you can get solutions for your custom order questions.
We're Here to Help
Whether this is your first time placing a customization order, or if you’re deciding on a different look, or brand campaign approach, Corporate Gear can assist you. Our team of expert merchandise consultants and account specialists have been working in the industry for many years.
Industry Expertise
Because we have a depth of experience on our team, Corporate Gear has the ability to provide insights, feedback, and direction you may not receive from other providers. We aim to ensure your order is exactly the way you want it, and that it includes a high level of service along the way.
Your consultation can include help with any customization questions, including:
Turn Around Times
Shipping Timelines
Order Process
Peak Season
Decorating Options
Pricing and Minimums
Available Inventory
Changing My Order
Custom Requests
However, this time is yours to use however you want. Your business may need to create a new logo, which we can do for you all in-house.
Or, you may be seeking guidance on the right type of embroidered promotional clothing for an upcoming event.
We provide you with answers, guidance, and solutions that are personalized to your unique brand goals.
Custom Branding Services
  • ParsonsKellogg is our parent company, and we have forged a reputation as an up-and-coming, highly service-oriented business in the corporate customizing industry from this successful foundation.

    Corporate Gear seeks to support the customizing goals and budget for businesses both large and small. We have adopted the same service-centered strategy and values as our parent company in providing our customers with a wholly in-house, responsive experience.

    You’ll find that we deliver above-and-beyond your expectations: From our lead-times, to our customization results, Corporate Gear is not your average online customizing business. Instead, we have sought to develop key partnerships with highly-revered brands that consistently allow us to offer inventory and products that you may not find elsewhere.

    To that end, the key to our success is in our foundational value of co-branding with the best brands in the industry. From Corporate Patagonia, to custom Nike apparel, Peter Millar corporate golf shirts, or STIO customized jackets, Corporate Gear offers top name brands and customization merchandise for any brand type, and size.

    Corporate apparel embroidery and branded clothing are also highly specialized services. Not only do we ensure that the actual embroidery results look fantastic, but we also support your brand’s personal campaign goals with our consultation service, and sales team.  

    You won’t be disappointed with the level of service, and the expert guidance we provide for your business. Our commitment to you is to deliver your order, going above and beyond what you have come to expect in an industry with so much throw-away customization. That’s why at times we make it a point to suggest certain products or brands for customization over others when we know what your goal is for your order. We don’t want you sitting with a surplus or worse, to not achieve the brand awareness impressions a branded apparel or branded gear order should.

  • These days, custom corporate gifts are not the exception, but the norm. Therefore, you need a supplier that has the consistency in service, ability in managing any size order, and depth of inventory to handle all the corporate gifting orders you seek to execute in a year—and beyond!

    Our team of dedicated sales executives, coupled with our in-house customization experts work together to complete orders that need a lot of attention and a high level of detail.

    Corporate gifting can mean many things to your business, and is, again, unique to each business. Your budget, the complexity of your order, and your timeline, all require smart, competent support.  You deserve a customizer who has your back, and is responsive through your order process.

    We provide consultation on any question and detail. We’ll help point you to the best brands for customizing men’s and women’s t-shirts for company corporate gifts that are sustainable and comfortable. Likewise, our merchandise experts can also suggest the right types of company gear, like custom engraved drink wear, coolers, or high-end tech.

    Corporate gifts can be curated with more than one logo, for corporate embroidery apparel, or with an array of branded apparel and gear, customized to be sent to specific businesses. It’s important to keep in mind that this is a very personalized experience. Many times, a short consultation helps clear up confusion on what custom company gifts are the best for your business. It’s also a good chance to learn more about all that we provide as a customizer with our in-house process.

    Your lead times, especially, are an important consideration. With a consultation, we can point you to comparable brands that have inventory and the lead time that fit your schedule, for the results you want. Because we have been in the industry for many years, we know how to creatively manage inventory, lead-time, and schedule challenges for your brand success.

  • Custom promotional items are typically some of the most important, but cast aside pieces for which businesses invest. This is a multi-billion-dollar industry that can be the basis of strong brand awareness and leverage, or, unfortunately, a bad investment.

    Scheduling a merchandise and customization consultation with Corporate Gear can help you prevent your next branded promotional order from falling flat. After all, an investment in top- quality branded custom promotional items and promotional workwear is meant to pay off in elevating your brand recognition and brand loyalty. Within the industry, there are only a handful of customizers who are committed to offering the best in brand names for corporate promotional clothing and promotional gear. At Corporate Gear, you’ll experience the difference in the customization results, and service-level.

    We will take the time to listen to your brand and business goals. You may have a question about whether we can custom embroider your logo in more than one place on a product, or two separate logos or text. Or, you may not be sure which type of corporate apparel or promotional item would make the best Invesment for your next promotional event. Our team has many years of experience, knowing what types of orders to consider, and which may not be the best use of your company budget.

    Your next corporate event deserves the support and guidance of a team of experts. At Corporate Gear, we will provide you with feedback based on whether you’re creating a promotional shwag box or bag, to whether you want promotional corporate apparel to make your team stand out.

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