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Corporate & Social Responsibility

Corporate Gear is Commited to Making a Difference

Our mission is rooted in making a difference for the planet. We’re always looking to grow partnerships with our brands and clients that are hoping to do the same.

Can a t-shirt, polo or jacket save the world? We’re working on that. But for now, what is making a real change is how we fulfill high-quality branded products.

We’re dedicating sustainable resources to this effort that will help us give back to the environment and our communities.

Eco-Friendly Merch Access

The best swag items are made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials, and responsible manufacturing processes.

One Percent For The Planet

We are a One Percent For The Planet member, contributing 1% of our sales to environmentally conscious businesses.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We celebrate the differences in people and work together, along with supportive leadership, to do great things.

Corporate Apparel from Sustainable Brands
Corporate Gear Top Clients – SimpliSafe
Corporate Gear Top Clients – Truly
Corporate Gear Top Clients – Workday
Corporate Gear Top Clients – Amazon
Corporate Gear Top Clients – University Orthopedics
Corporate Gear Top Clients – Showtime
Corporate Gear Top Clients – Marriott
Corporate Gear Top Clients – Samuel Adams
Corporate Gear Top Clients – Maker's Mark
Corporate Gear Top Clients – Grey Goose
Corporate Gear Top Clients – Pepsi
Corporate Gear Top Clients – Datadog
Corporate Gear Top Clients – TD Bank
Corporate Gear Top Clients – Environmental Defense Fund
Corporate Gear Top Clients – Merck
Corporate Gear Top Clients – Patron
Corporate Gear Top Clients – Google
Corporate Gear Top Clients – Bain Capital
Corporate Gear Top Clients – Progressive
Corporate Gear Top Clients – Subaru
Corporate Gear Top Clients – Intuit
Corporate Gear Top Clients – ESPN
Corporate Gear Top Clients – Bacardi
Corporate Gear Top Clients – Intel
  • Corporate Gear by ParsonsKellogg is committed to corporate responsibility by being a proud member of 1% For The Planet. We want to honor our communities with our work and we’re devoted to finding different ways we can give back to our community while having fun doing it. For us, 1% For The Planet is a network made up of amazing people and like-minded organizations looking to make a change in the world by being 1 percent better.

    We believe that by collaborating with our clients and brand partners, by building partnerships with socially responsible businesses, we can create a better future for all. Together with our partners, let’s give 1% For The Planet.

  • Sustainability is an important initiative across the world — with the focus on supporting eco-friendly brands that are making positive impacts on the environment. We work with many businesses that seek out and develop innovative manufacturing processes to present to their consumers. As consumers grow more conscious of their purchasing decisions, companies are stepping up to implement more sustainable practices and business operations. 

    At Corporate Gear, we’re dedicated to promoting green initiatives — in our business practices and the sourcing of sustainable promotional products, as we’ve partnered with 1% For The Planet. When choosing corporate apparel and accessories, it's crucial that the items align with your own brand's mission and values. Consider shopping for eco friendly corporate gifts and company apparel that promotes your brand values and contributes to making a difference in the world.

  • We offer a range of eco-friendly clothing and accessory options from sustainable brands that will make you feel good about your purchases. Whether you're shopping for office attire or outdoor adventures, we have something for businesses of all sizes.

    We provide access to premium brands that prioritize environmental impact in all aspects of their business. Our collection includes eco-friendly gear from organizations that offer durable and sustainable products to keep your employees looking professional in every setting.

    These are a few of our brands that are making a positive impact, with many others doing the same:
         Over 75% of Patagonia’s products are made in a Fair Trade Certified factory, and they use regenerative farming in all of their production. 
       •  100% of The North Face’s top materials, including polyester, cotton and nylon, are expected to be recycled, responsibly-sourced or regeneratively grown by 2030.
         Stio’s total number of styles featuring preferred materials increased from 82 to 125 in 2022, and they’re looking to increase that number to 75% by 2025.
         By 2025, 55% of Marine Layer’s products will be made with sustainable materials, and they currently use materials made from recycled, responsibly sources or renewable inputs whenever possible.

    When you choose Corporate Gear, you gain access to top-quality, sustainable swag that aligns with your company values.

    How to Order Your Sustainable Swag:

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       •  Customize items with your choice of colors, sizes, images and quantity
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Sustainable Brand Influence: Customized by Corporate Gear
Custom The North Face
Custom Patagonia
Custom Stio
Custom S'well
Custom Marine Layer
Brand Influence: Customized by Corporate Gear
Custom Peter Millar. Custom golf shirts and apparel. Personalized golf gifts and merchandise.
Custom Nike. Branded corporate apparel. Customized clothing.
Custom YETI. Branded corporate drinkware. Customized merchandise.
Custom The North Face. Branded corporate apparel. Customized clothing.
Custom Helly Hansen. Branded corporate apparel. Customized clothing.
Custom Southern Tide. Branded corporate apparel. Customized clothing.
Custom johnnie-O. Branded corporate apparel. Customized clothing.
Custom Faherty Brand. Branded corporate apparel. Customized clothing.
Custom Stio. Branded corporate apparel. Customized clothing.
Custom Marine Layer. Branded corporate apparel. Customized clothing.
Custom G/FORE. Branded corporate apparel. Customized clothing.
Custom Carhartt. Branded corporate apparel. Customized clothing.
Corporate Gear offers branded apparel and embroidered logo gifts through expert customization and detailed decoration.