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: Most Frequently Asked Questions
  • Yes! Available Inventory is listed and linked above the Available Sizes section on the item detail pages for most brands. In some cases, brand requirements do not allow inventory to be listed online.
    Email [email protected] if you can't find inventory availability for your business merchandise.

  • Yes! Corporate Gear offers several options to do so, including our top-selling customization pieces, and expedited shipping! Email us to request a quote for expedited shipping.
    Please note, during peak season rush orders and expedited shipping may not be available. 
  • No matter the order size, or type, like promotional branded products or custom logo merch, you can typically expect your order to ship  withinin 2 to 3 weeks on average from proof approval. Proofs are typically sent 3 to 5 business days after your order is placed.
  • Yes! Follow our handy Order Process Tracker.

    Corporate Gear Order Process Tracker
  • No problem! You can customize your logo later with a dedicated account specialist.
    Pro tip: Select "Customize Logo Later with a Dedicated Account Specialist", then click "Add To Cart" and complete the shipping and billing details. 
    No matter the type of order, from personalized promotional items to custom gifts, you will receive a confirmation email of your order details. We recommend that you reply and send your logo within 24 hours of placing your order, so we can get your proof and decorated products to you faster!
    We’ll confirm your decorating process with youu and send a proof 3 to 5 business days later, and begin decorating upon your proof approval. 
    Customize Logo Later with Dedicated Account Specialist
My Turnaround Times
Order Timeline
  • 2 to 3 weeks on average after proof approval, and proof approvals take 3 to 5 days from when you place your order and confirm your decoration details with a dedicated account specialist.
  • Yes. We can typically work faster because every part of the customization process happens on-site!
  • We’re working on it! The best ways to find out the turnaround time for specific custom logoed merchandise is to:
  • Yes! Corporate Gear provides a few options, including an expedited fee and faster shipping. Just contact us by email and we'll work with you to provide shipping options.
  • Yes! We know you might be on a short deadline, so click through to our top-selling selection of popular, and available custom merch and swag here.
Peak Season
  • The peak season is September through December.
  • Orders take 5 weeks at a minimum during peak season. We’re committed to providing a great experience during this season and recommend that you place large and complex orders well before your due date!
My Shipping Timelines
Shipping Options
  • By ground. Once your order is shipped, we will email you a tracking number - add us to your contact list so none of our emails go to your spam folder!
    To view our shipping costs for branded apparel and corporate merch, click here.
  • We’re working on it! We ship in bulk to one location as of now.
Get it Faster!
  • Yes! Our flat ground shipping rates apply to all branded and decorated orders within the continental United States (exceptions may apply). 
    For expedited shipping rates You can call us at (888) 293-5648, or email [email protected] to speak with a member of our team. Our business hours are 9am-5pm EST, Monday through Friday. 
International Shipping
  • Yes! We can ship company merchandise internationally.
    Process: shop online, enter PK International as the business name and use our address then contact us directly after you place your online order for an international shipping quoter: email [email protected].
    Please note standard and peak season turnaround times don't apply for international orders. 
My Order Process
Order Process Steps
  •  Yes! Follow our handy Order Process Tracker for branded merchandise.

    Corporate Gear Order Process Tracker


  • Yes! Easily filter your search by price, brand, product, color, size, and gender filters! All filters are located on the left side of your screen, and your pricing estimate also includes shipping, too.
    Can I Filter My Search by Price on Corporate Gear? 
Proof Approval Process
  • Yes, always.
  • Ai, EPS, PDF, JPG, GIF, PNG, or BMP files are preferred.
  • Yes, always. We don’t start production until you’ve approved your proof!
  • Yes! No matter the type of order, from personalized promotional items to custom gifts, you will receive a confirmation email of your order details. We’ll send a proof 3 to 5 business days later, and begin decorating upon your proof approval.
    Pro tip: If you selected "Customize Logo Later with a Dedicated Account Specialist", we recommend that you send your logo within 24 hours of placing your order, so we can get your proof and decorated products to you faster!
  • Yes! You can become a Key Account Member with Corporate Gear. Here’s how! Schedule a consultaion to learn more about becoming a Key Account Member.
  • Yes! Any changes can be made before production, including order sizes, colors, placement, and cancellation.
Benefits of Companion Pieces?
  • A companion piece is any custom apparel piece that’s available in both men’s and women’s options, so you can choose from either to meet the minimum order quantity (MOQ).
  • For your convenience, companion products are listed and linked above the product description on the item detail pages for all companion styles.
    Mix Companion Styles to Meet the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) on Corporate Gear 
Get Co-branded Patagonia
  • Co-branded Patagonia is approved for medical professionals and universities. Submit a custom request to find out if you’re eligible!
  • Custom logo Patagonia is available for certain professions. To learn more about if you're eligible to order custom Patagonia, send us an email.
  • Patagonia logo apparel is now only available to approved medical professionals and universities. As an official Patagonia and 1% for the Planet partner, Corporate Gear supports Patagonia’s evolving sustainability protocols.
  • Yes! We understand how popular Patagonia is and what a great choice it is for corporate apparel! Corporate Gear offers customized Patagonia gift package options with custom packaging and custom 4x6 inserts with your company’s branding and messaging on it.
My Decorating Options
Customization vs Personalization
  • Easily - in three steps! At check-out, upload your logo and choose where you want it on the item, including any fonts, colors and sizing info you want. Corporate Gear will then confirm your options by email, and send a proof within 3 to 5 business days for your approval.
  • Yes! At Corporate Gear we offer the option to not only add your logo to clothing but also add other personalizations, like a name, that truly make your company gear memorable.
  • These sound similar but they’re different :). You can customize and personalize branded apparel and accessories. Item customization is adding your corporate logo, whereas item personalization includes your corporate logo with additional personalized text, like first and last names or team numbers.
  • No problem! But please be patient here, we are using our years of expertise to eyeball that font, or size. If you can spare the time for a few back-and-forth emails if needed, we promise it will be worth the collaboration :).
Types of Customization
  • Simple: We do that for you! We know our merchandise, fabrics, and customizing process, and we always include you first to confirm the process and logo placement before we move forward with your order.
  • Yes, here you go!
    Embroidery - Great for branded apparel, bags and headwear.
    Embroidery is precise, professional, and long-lasting, making it an attractive decoration method. Our in-house embroidery department features over 100 heads of embroidery equipment to deliver high-quality embellishment with the fastest turnaround times in the industry.
    Screen Printing - Excellent for t-shirts, specific fabrics and materials that can't be embroidered.
    Our screen print production is environmentally friendly, featuring the industry's only industrial-grade all-electric press for a longer lasting piece. Corporate Gear applies a no water, no chemicals system to eliminate water waste, and chemical waste in the screen printing process.
    Laser Engraving - Perfect for drinkware, tech, and accessories.
    Our laser engraving machines rotate the cup a full 360 degrees to ensure the highest quality markings.
    Heat Transfer - Great for multi-color logos and safer for some water repellent material that can't be embroidered.
    Corporate Gear will apply heat transferring for fabrics and materials that may be damaged if embroidered.
    Puff Embroidery - Create a retail look that will bring your brand image to life. 
    Puff embroidery is a three dimensional effect that raises the stitches off of the garment. It works best with large areas of simple block text or shapes. 
    For best results we recommend avoiding artwork with small details and fine lines. Contact us to set up your Puff Embroidery file today. 

    Standard sizing: 2.25” max height, 3.25” max width
    *Additonal fees may apply.  
  • Embroidery is precise, professional, and long-lasting, making it an attractive decoration method. With the shortest turnaround times in the industry, our in-house embroidery department uses over 100 heads of embroidery equipment to deliver embellishment of the highest caliber.
  • We love that you want to geek out on all things decorating and customizing, because we love collaborating with you in the details for great results! Sure thing, get our Decorating Guide here!
Multiple Logos or No Logo at All?
  • Yes! A second logo can be added to your items. Just select "Add Second Logo." You’ll see a second logo charge of $6 per unit added to your shopping cart. A $75 setup charge will be applied to your order after submitted. If it’s a repeat logo and the same decoration method this setup charge would be waived. All items on your order must have the same logos applied in the same locations.
  • Yes! Simply order the minimum order quantity (MOQ) and check-out. In some cases, brand requirements will not allow for the sale of blank items. Our team of account specialists will contact you if this is the case.
My Pricing, Minimums and Payment Types
Pricing, Payment Types and Timelines
  • You’ll always see the total price including estimated shipping in your cart. If it feels a little too complex of an order, just schedule a consultation to get feedback and guidance along with a quote.
  • After placing your order for branded gear, your credit card is authorized and you may see a hold on these funds in your account. Your card will be charged within 7 days of placing your order, your payment can be refunded any time prior to proof approval.
  • Debit and Credit Cards
    • We accept all major debit and credit cards.
    Purchase Order
    • Corporate Gear Key Accounts with established credit terms may order online using the Purchase Order option during checkout.
    • Contact us to find out if you're eligible to become a Key Account.
    Automatic Clearing House (ACH) and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
    • For large orders, typically greater than $10,000, we accept ACH/EFT payment and wire transfers.
    • Please consult with a member of our team to finalize payment.
    • We accept checks for large orders.
    • Please consult with a member of our team to finalize payment via check
    All Payment Types: Additional Information
    • Please note that your order will not be processed until payment is cleared.
My Cost Saving Options
  • Yes, become a Key Account! Key Account Members benefit with savings and more personalized service. Corporate Gear Key Accounts work with our account specialists to promote their corporate image and leverage their brand influence. Click here to schedule a consultation to learn more.
  • The more custom logo merchandise you buy, the more you save! Our price breaks are based on the quantity ordered per item. Each product on our site has exclusive pricing listed based on the quantity ordered for the specific custom logo merchandise you choose. In some cases, certain brands require we list their products at the manufacturers suggested retail price (MSRP) or Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) without exclusive pricing.
Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) Pricing
  • In order to provide all the services that we do, our business requires a minimum order quantity (MOQ) that changes by brand and seasonality. All custom marketing products have a specific MOQ listed on its item page.
    How do I find the minimum order quantity on Corporate Gear? 
  • We know it can be frustrating when you only need a certain number of pieces. You can pair an order with companion pieces to meet the MOQ. Contact us with additional questions.
  • Yes, the minimum order quantity changes based specifically on the piece you have chosen. The MOQ for customized business items from the same brand can vary by item.
    • On the item detail page listed under 'Exclusive Pricing'.
    How do I find the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?   
    • In the item detail page customization window listed under 'Exclusive Pricing'.
    In the item detail page customization window listed under Exclusive Pricing
  • Yes! For any apparel with a companion piece, you can combine companion pieces to meet the MOQ.
    1. Enter the MOQ that is required on the item detail page customization window.
    2. In the notes section, add the quantity of men’s and women’s products per size and color.
    3. Click ‘ADD TO CART’ and follow the steps to complete your online order. An account specialist will confirm your order quantities, colors, and sizes and share an updated order confirmation with you.
    Follow These Steps In Order To Reach The MOQ Requirements Using Companion Styles 
Can’t Find a Product (Tracking Inventory)
Tracking Inventory Online
  • Absolutely! Available Inventory is listed and linked above the Available Sizes section on the item detail pages for most brands. In some cases, brand requirements do not allow inventory to be listed online.
    Call (888) 293-5648 if you can't find inventory availability for your items.
    Can I track available inventory online? 
Inventory Availability
  • Simple! Unless an item is listed as out of stock online, it's available for you to order. [Again, you can always check first, by clicking “Check Available Inventory” next to any item.] 
    If what you really want is out of stock, we’ve got you covered. Enter your email and click the “NOTIFY ME” button you’ll see next to any out-of-stock item. You’ll get a quick-response email when it’s been replenished.
    How Can I Tell What Specific Brand Merch Is In Stock And Available? 
  • We know how frustrating it is to place your order only to find out an item is on back-order! But despite global supply disruptions, Corporate Gear is steadfast in our promise of great service to you: 
    • CG will reach out to you right away with similar in-stock options.
    • CG will also follow-up right away when the item is back in stock.
    • We also continue to partner exclusively with brands to access inventory faster.
    • We can refund payment for your order up until you have approved the proof for decoration.
Inventory Not Shown
  • Looking for items not on this site? ParsonsKellogg is our parent company and offers thousands of products from thousands of brands - including both premium apparel as well as day-to-day promotional items like drinkware, pens, tech items, and more. If you’re looking for something that’s not found on our site, please email our team and we’ll refer you to available items!
Making Changes to My Order
Order Changes & Cancellations
  • Yes! You may cancel or change your custom branded products order entirely at any time before we submit the item for production! However, we cannot accept any cancellations or changes for any branded products once your proof is approved.
  • Once you receive your order, please check it for accuracy and quality as soon as possible. If there are any issues with your company branded items, please contact us within 10 days of receipt at [email protected].
  • Sorry! Unfortunately, we do not accept returns on items that have been decorated, except in cases of damaged or incorrect products.
  • Yes! Approved sample orders can be returned within 60 days of receipt. All samples must have original tags attached and be in re-sellable condition.
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How to Choose Your Decoration Method
Decoration Process 101
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