Customize Your Favorite Premium Brands

Custom Peter Millar. Custom golf shirts and apparel. Personalized golf gifts and merchandise.
Custom Patagonia. Branded corporate apparel. Customized clothing.
Custom Nike. Branded corporate apparel. Customized clothing.
Custom YETI. Branded corporate drinkware. Customized merchandise.
Custom The North Face. Branded corporate apparel. Customized clothing.
Custom Helly Hansen. Branded corporate apparel. Customized clothing.
Custom Southern Tide. Branded corporate apparel. Customized clothing.
Custom Zero Restriction. Branded corporate apparel. Customized clothing.
Custom Faherty Brand. Branded corporate apparel. Customized clothing.
Custom Stio. Branded corporate apparel. Customized clothing.
Custom Marine Layer. Branded corporate apparel. Customized clothing.
Custom G/FORE. Branded corporate apparel. Customized clothing.
Jumpstart your creativity and customize your favorite brands for corporate apparel, gifts, and gear.

Brand FAQ

Better Brand Inventory, Easier Customization, and Superior Branded Results

  • Corporate Gear has 20 years in the custom branded promotional product and corporate apparel industry. What sets us apart? While some of our premium brands are included on other sites, there is one key difference: Corporate Gear has built long-standing, direct partnership with many of these top-tier brands. Because of this, our customers benefit from our premium brand partnerships in many ways:

    • Direct access and greater access to inventory
    • Unique inventory
    • Responsive service
    • Shortened lead-times
    • Competitive shipment timelines

    We know for our customers, brand marketing is an impactful, albeit involved endeavor. The process includes varied strategies and investment in messaging campaigns. We partner with you to create an easy, supportive experience for what is typically an equally large investment for your branded marketing strategy.

    At Corporate Gear, we’re known for our top-tier brands, which always ensures you start with the strongest foundation for customization. Your brand logo on premium custom branded promotional clothing, accessories, gear, corporate apparel, and corporate gifts. The results will show that your brand values high standards.

  • Corporate Gear selects brands based on the value they provide to our customers. We include:

    • Quality and environmental testing
    • Expert logo customization
    • In-house logo design and detailed customization
    • Well-made corporate apparel
    • High-quality custom accessories
    • Top-tier brands popular for quality
    • The latest styles and emerging brands
    • Sustainable products

    At Corporate Gear, we consider whether the quality of the product is in line with the brand name, and whether the product will have a long shelf-life. We don’t support junk items, because these don’t support your investment, nor do they support your brand goals.

    Unfortunately, the market is flooded with throw-away customized products. Low-quality clothing, accessories, and electronics get tossed more quickly, and used only once–or not at all. Those not only add to pollution, they have a zero-sum benefit on your brand growth, and brand recognition. Even worse, poor quality customizations create instant, negative impressions of your band. For this reason, we stay on top of quality, and sustainability, for the best results.

  • Today's outerwear is also today's professional wear. The lines have blurred for the better! It can't be overstated: The quality and feel of a customized jacket, with your brand logo, sends an instant message that your brand strongly values high-standards and success.

    Outerwear is versatile and works with almost any style of clothing. It's also one of the most powerful branding items because of its usage-frequency. Your recipients will choose to wear your custom jacket from top-name brands. We have seen from experience that brands that make the investment in high-quality custom jackets, custom fleeces, or vests invariably find that these get a lot of traction, and more impressions, which raise brand-recognition. Outerwear brands everyone loves, with your custom logo are a smart, effective option, then, to strengthen your brand persona. We've found this is true for both small businesses and enterprise organizations.