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Patagonia Corporate Gifts and Custom Swag

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Patagonia Custom Gifts for Businesses of All Sizes

Patagonia Group Sales for Corporate Gifting

Planning corporate gifts doesn’t have to be stressful. Whether you’re a small or large business, Corporate Gear provides groups sales access for every organization. As an official Patagonia brand partner, Corporate Gear can also personalize and custom embroider Patagonia with your company logo. The top styles are exclusively available here. Don’t miss out on our curated selection of Patagonia products that will make for memorable corporate gifts.


Patagonia corporate gifts are a sure way to build and maintain business relationships and lasting impressions with your clients, prospects, and employees. From apparel, such as Patagonia jackets, Patagonia fleeces, and Patagonia vests, to gear like Patagonia backpacks, you’ll be able to find everything you need to make your corporate gifting experience a success.


Patagonia Corporate Gifts for Every Occasion 

Patagonia corporate gifts are a way to say “thanks” with quality and consideration. Whether that’s a “keep up the great work” or “welcome aboard” to your employees, or a way to gain brand recognition as in, “check out our brand” for your customers, custom corporate Patagonia stands out. It’s a way to show your appreciation toward the people that make your success possible.
When to send Patagonia? When you want to make a lasting impression! Patagonia swag is the perfect company gift for employees and customers. Consider Patagonia for the following gift ideas such as promotional giveaways, new employee welcome gifts or performance rewards and incentives.


Give The Gift of Corporate Patagonia Gear

For work-from-home employees, and remote team members, stay connected and reach out with corporate Patagonia gifts to show them their hard work is paying off. When your team knows you’re fully invested in their success, they’ll feel empowered to keep up their great performance.

Gifting Patagonia company swag your employees love increases morale and maintains engagement, resulting in higher productivity and stronger business results. Stay true to your strong company culture with your team and show them that you recognize their continued dedication and resilience.

Patagonia Employee Swag, Embroidered Patagonia, Branded Patagonia, Custom Patagonia Jackets

Corporate Patagonia Gifts: Create a Great Impression

Ditch the gift card. It’s impersonal and doesn’t create a strong impression.

Corporate Gear is your go-to partner when you’re in need of company gift ideas and business gifts from high-quality, high-end top sporting goods and lifestyle brands. From Patagonia zip fleeces to Patagonia vests, the popular Patagonia brand always works well for creating the best impression!

Patagonia is one of the most renowned outdoor and corporate apparel brands in recent years because the brand designs apparel and gear that are functional and are so well made. Consider Soft shell jackets, which maintain their style and look for years, without falling apart after many uses.


Forget the ho-hum gift baskets and gift boxes.

Gifts are an important part of how we ensure our employees feel valued, especially when starting at a new business. The power of receiving a gift lies not only in the giving but also in how we feel when we receive something truly special.

In fact, when a recipient receives a great gift, research shows the act can produce feelings of happiness and gratitude that last up to three weeks! That’s why companies rely on gifts to support employee morale and to create a positive workplace culture, no matter if you’re in the office, remote, or work-from-home!


Patagonia Swag Is Good for Business

Corporate gifting is all about the experience, and personalized Patagonia swag as a gift will make your employees, clients, and prospects feel valued. Ensure your corporate gifts are memorable with Patagonia corporate apparel by adding a personalized touch to let them know they are appreciated.

From custom packaging to custom 4×6 inserts with your company's branding or holiday messaging on it, Corporate Gear is your one-stop corporate gift source. Each and every person receiving their Patagonia gear will know you’ve taken the time to consider them. Chances are, they’ll feel proud to work for a company or associate with a company that cares so much to invest so much into their gift giving. Whether you’re curating a unique array of Patagonia women’s sweaters, windbreakers, or hoodies, your gift will go far in showing your appreciation. Likewise, we are committed to creating a gifting experience that you'll love!

Client Patagonia Gift Ideas for New Business Owners

Patagonia Corporate Apparel is customizable! Again, a great gift goes a long way! When gifting Patagonia gear, you’re not only showing your appreciation toward your workers but you’re also investing in your business for the long run. Word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful forms of advertising because it creates a sense of trust around your brand while also increasing brand awareness for your business.


In fact, each and every time your Patagonia gear is worn, the person that received your gift is more likely to be invested in your brand positively and impart all the benefits of your brand. The impact of corporate gifts is long lasting when you invest in high-quality custom Patagonia.


Patagonia sets a high standard and high bar because it’s a brand that’s dedicated to integrity and sustainable practices. At Corporate Gear, we collaborate with brands of this caliber because as trend setters, they help your brand become leaders and stewards when you co-brand with them. We respect and follow their sustainability guidelines by following an approved list of customizing standards.


If your business is within the healthcare or education sector, you can click on our customization approval guidelines. Or, you can set up a consultation to create a personalized corporate Patagonia gift box.


Patagonia is a 1% for the Planet Company

Corporate Gear and Patagonia are both 1% for the Planet businesses. Every year, Patagonia and Corporate Gear donate 1% of sales to the preservation of our planet and natural environment. Every company that chooses to become a 1% for the Planet partner meets a rigorous standard of guidelines to contribute.


Patagonia has long valued sustainability, and set new standards in the apparel and outdoor industry for eco-minded practices. To that end, when your business gifts corporate Patagonia, you’re helping us donate even more to make a difference.


In fact, when you choose Corporate Gear as your Patagonia corporate apparel and gear partner, you’re gaining access to more inventory, better customer service, and one of the only customizing businesses that is a 1% for the Planet partner. We offer exclusive Patagonia inventory and offer a fully in-house customization process, from beginning to end.


When you choose to curate your corporate gifts with Corporate Gear, you’ll have a team of responsive, invested, and seasoned experts to ensure your process and results are top-notch. Choose Corporate Gear for all your gifting needs and get started today!


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