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Custom Jackets with High-Quality Embroidery
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Custom Vests with Your Company Logo
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Custom Zip Up Hoodies for Your Brand
Company Hoodies & Custom Gear

Company Hoodies Bring Technical Style To Your Custom Apparel

You want gear that’s going to last and be able to be used over and over again. That’s why Arcteryx is a great option. They believe in building products to last in order to minimize their impact on the environment.
Add your logo to high-quality gear that your employees will want to wear everywhere they go. Not only will you be making your team happy but also making a difference by investing in a brand that supports eco-friendly initiatives.
Pairing your logo with Arcteryx will have many benefits for your brand including:
Cohesive Brand Image. Arcteryx’s cutting-edge designs paired with your company logo is a match that’s unbeatable. Outfitting your team in the highest quality custom apparel will have everyone turning heads and talking about your brand. Keep your team looking fresh everywhere they go with custom hoodies, custom vests, custom jackets and more!
Create Brand Reach. Arc’Teryx custom apparel is the perfect way to emphasize your brand. Showcase your business with co-branded marketing that connects with customers. When you choose a brand that matches your core values, you’re able to expand your brand reach to another loyal audience that may not have been familiar with your company. Co-branding helps to create credibility and trust within current and potential audience.
Enhance Company Culture. Everybody loves receiving free gear from their company, especially when it’s from a brand your employees already love. Having your employees wear custom embroidered vests or custom sweatshirts makes them feel a part of a team and creates excitement around your brand. Create an environment your employees are happy to be involved in with custom Arcteryx apparel.
Increase In Brand Awareness. According to ASI’s study, outerwear and t-shirts have the highest reach and impressions throughout their lifetime. Adding your custom logo to long-lasting and durable products increases the chances of your brand being seen.
Company Swag
Corporate Gear by ParsonsKellogg
Company Swag by Corporate Gear. Our heritage is built in the sporting goods industry. We have 20+ years of experience outfitting our customers in world class brands and leveraging our brand partnerships to extend the best pricing.
While we do specialize in co-branded premium brands we can also be your partner for sourcing just about every promotional product under the sun. From tradeshow give-aways to on-site gifting experiences we have you covered.
Included below are highlights of additional services available to our customers. Please schedule a consultation to learn more about how we can be of better service to your team. Let us help you look good!
PK Key Account Benefits:
- Retail E-commerce Experiences
- Custom Branded Corporate Web Stores
- Pop Up Micro Sites
- E-commerce Account Specialists
- Customized Reporting Dashboards
- Corporate Events & Giveaways
- Corporate Gifting Experiences
- Offshore Sourcing
- Day-To-Day Promotional Items
- Custom Promotional Products