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Logo Apparel and Custom Logo Jackets
Logo Apparel and Custom Logo Jackets

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At Corporate Gear, we make it easy for you to create custom logo jackets, hoodies, pullovers, polos, t-shirts, and more! Helly Hansen is one of the 35+ premium brands available to customize on our website. They are a great option for logo apparel and are a sure way to make your brand stand out in a competitive marketplace.
Have you thought about adding Helly Hansen branded apparel into your promotional marketing portfolio? If not, here are a variety of reasons of why custom apparel should be a part of everybody’s day-to-day marketing strategy:
Cost Effective. We understand that advertising can often be costly. That’s why we work our hardest to cut down costs for you by offering a full suite of promotional branding services all under one roof. This helps us to maintain control over expenses and gives you a more centralized economic option for managing your promotional project.
Professional Look. Helly Hansen corporate apparel customized with your company logo helps give your brand a polished and professional look and feel. Custom gear is a great way to impress clients at events or even improve your customer’s overall experience. When adding your logo and other personalization’s to high-quality gear, you’re allowing clients and potential customers to visually see your brand while hearing what you’re all about from your employees. It’s an easy and effective way of connecting with your audience on a more personable level.
Increases Brand Awareness. Branded promotional products allow your company to reach a wider audience. When adding your logo to gear that can be used every day, you’re increasing the chances of your brand being seen. Customize gear your employees will want to wear everywhere and watch your brand take off!
Improves Company Culture. Outfitting your team in company clothing not only makes them look professional but also gives them a sense of unity making them feel valued and a part of your company. Reward your hardworking staff with custom logo jackets to show your appreciation towards them.
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Company Jackets For Corporate Gifting

Are you looking for the ultimate corporate gift that will be remembered for years to come? Lucky for you, we have multiple options to choose from! Whether it’s for promotional gifts, holiday gifts, new hire gifts, executive gifts or pretty much anything, Helly Hansen company jackets are always an easy win.
Corporate gifting is highly effective in your overall marketing strategy. It’s a way to show appreciation towards employees, clients, and customers. Company gifts are also a simple and effective way to increase your companies ROI. By gifting high-quality products, you’re not only enhancing your personal connections with others but also setting your brand up for success by adding it to products that will be used all of the time.
A customized gift can go a long way so make sure you’re choosing the right product for your logo to be showcased on. Helly Hansen branded rain jackets are perfect for the addition of your logo! Company jackets will make your logo look professional while making anyone who receives the gift feel valued and appreciated. With are a variety of styles and colors to choose from, there’s a jacket for every brand!
Check out what benefits your brand can have when adding corporate gifting to your marketing strategy.
  • Retain & Impress Existing Clients
  • Increase Sales & Revenue
  • Boosts Employee Morale & Productivity
  • Improves Brand Image
  • Increases Brand Visibility